How To Build A Garden Fountain – DIY

In general, a garden should provide three “qualities”: a lot of space to relax, fresh air and to be quite appealing to the human eye. A garden should have flowers, green grass and a water source. Create a beautiful ambiance in your garden with an awesome DIY idea: DIY garden fountain. Improve your beautiful garden design with a beautiful stone fountain made by your hands. Also, its good to know that before buying all the materials needed to build the fountain you must decide where would you like to set your fountain. Make sure that the materials are water resistant.

You will need the following materials and supplies: PVC pipes, gravel and river stones, a valve, a pot and a deep pot, decorative pot, copper pies, a pump, adhesive (waterproof), electrical cable, a cutter, scissors, a drill and also a power source to your brand new fountain. You can also purchase some paint if you want to paint the fountain.



Follow the instructions: Set up the place where your future fountain will be. Dig a large hole so that you can position the basin. The home must be a little bit larger then the basin because you will have to add also the PVC tubes that will isolate the fountains power cord. In order to have support place some river stones on the bottom of the hole. Place the pump in the centre of the container connecting it right to the pipe. Now its time to instal the valve. Ass I said before isolate the power cord using the PVC pipes. Make a stone support: take the stones and glue them to each other using the waterproof adhesive. Do not forget to make openings so that the copper pipe can pass through the stones. The valve will open in the moment when you will add water in the basin. Don’t forget you have to fill it. Hide all the pipes and give a natural look to your fountain by adding river stones and also decorative items. Now all you have to do is to turn the power on and your amazing rock fountain is finished. Use pots to make food recipients so that you can attract birds and also add water if you see that your fountain is leaking or the water is evaporating. Enjoy!!!


Photo Courtesy: http://www.instructables.com


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