Butterfly Bench – A 600-Year-Old Oak Sensation

This is the most beautiful bench I have ever seen. I did some research and I found out that it is carved from a 600 year old felled oak tree. I is amazing and extraordinary that this tree has seen such a lot in its lifetime.  Grown from an acorn planted in the reign of King Henry IV or V , it had fallen from its site on the edges of a lake at Bletchley Park. The artist who had the chance to work on this old oak is Arthur de Mowbray.  Because it was such an old tree and it had fallen, all of the rot, most of it running right through the centre of the trunk had to be removed before any serious sculpting work could begin.


 Arthur has spent a lot of months shaping and crafting with loving care and an enormous amount of respect for his material and his craft.





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2 Responses to "Butterfly Bench – A 600-Year-Old Oak Sensation"

  1. Marta Medina says:

    Muchas gracias, me ha encantado la forma de exponerlo, lo recomiendo mucho. Besos!!

  2. Anita Blower says:

    This bench is so beautiful. A friend posted it to me on FB, she said “I saw this and thought of you” I lost my wonderful dad in October 2013, he used to love watching butterflys, so everything associated with butterflys is my Dad around me x

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