Make Butterfly Decorations Using Plastic Bottles

There are so many things that you can make from plastic bottles: flower pots, brooms, baskets, decoration flowers and also the DIY project that we are bringing to you: butterfly decorations. First of all you will need the following supplies: plastic bottle, butterfly stencil, black marker, scissors, different colors of nail polish. First start by washing the bottle inside out and removing the labels and glue. Using the scissor cut the to and the bottom of the bottle. Use the butterfly stencil to draw the butterfly on the plastic bottle. Put the stencil underneath the plastic and using the black marker draw the butterfly. This is so easy because plastic is transparent. Now use nail polish to color the butterfly with the colors you prefer. Let the nail polish dry. After drying use again the black marker and draw the butterfly outlines. Using the scissor cut out the the plastic around the butterfly. Make the margins of the butterfly with the black marker. Use gold and sparkly nail polish and decorate the “body” of  the butterfly with little diamonds. If you make more than one you can hang them by nylon in your window so the neighbors can see your creativity. Enjoy!!!  Also  you can learn how to make penguins using plastic bottles  ! 



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4 Responses to "Make Butterfly Decorations Using Plastic Bottles"

  1. lesijha says:

    can you help me, i dont now to download from your video?

  2. MichelleArichaSimmons says:

    OMG! Amazinnnnnnnggggggggg! I love love love this! <3 <3 <3 I am so making all the butterflies that I can! Thank you!

  3. paula says:

    I adore all of these so clever and very inspirational the furthest I have got is a bird house from a plastic bottle thank you for sharing I am def a fan xx

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