Butterfly Snack Bags – A Treat For Your Family

You can use it as a snack bag (bag clip), you can use it as a practical magnet for the fridge.  The butterfly snack bags are adorable. I will show you how to make one. You will need the following materials: wood clothespins (a bag of 50 is around), Ziploc sandwich size baggies, googly eyes (optional-you can draw them on), fuzzy craft pipe cleaners, markers or paint (I used markers), magnets ($1 for a pack of 50). First, decorate your bug bodies with markers. Curl the ‘antennae’ around a pencil or use your fingers. Then slip it up in between the clip.


Add eyes (and magnets) with glue. After that, let everything dry. After that, fill your snack bags! Gather the center of the bag between your thumb and forefingers, and add the snacks to either side (held separate by your hand) then put your bug clip in the center, to hold the two sides apart. I thing that went well. Enjoy!!!





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