Make A Cat Using Socks

And since we are still in this category and I mean “socks” I want to show you today how to make a little stuffed cat using socks.

You will need the following materials:

– polyfill

– scissors

– buttons and yarn (for decoration)

– socks

–  thread and needle

– fabric pen


Cut the sock to the length that you want.  The following step is to stuff the body and the head of  the little kitty with polyfill.  You have to be careful that the body part is bigger than the head part. After you finished the stuffing part fold the opening inward and pin them down. Close up the opening using slip stitch, and don’t forget to tug the ends to shape the kitty’s ears.  Shape the body and head with your hands to give them a round shape.  Using an fabric pen draw the little kitty’s face and then start stitching. When you are making the stitches on the kitty’s face, slip the thread through the opening end. Also, if you want to give  “Pinky” paws just use two pieces cut from the sock and fill them with polyfill and shaped them to look like two little “arms” and attache them to “Pinky”.  The End!!! 🙂


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