Chestnuts Art – Your Kids Will Love It

If you are close with nature, Autumn is an unforgettable experience. The walks in the park teaches you to dream, to see the leaves, the rocks, different shapes of twigs and most important Autumn is the time of the chestnuts. To make chestnut art first you have to rinse them under running water and immediately wipe the off with a towel. The chestnuts swollen from a long stay in the water. The old and the dried chestnuts are not suitable for handicrafts, as they crumble and crack.   Collect chestnut of different sizes and shapes.  As additional material pick up a variety of twigs, sticks, rowan berries. Raw chestnuts are usually cut and pierced well. With the fruits of which have lain for some time, work will be much more difficult because they are more denser inside. To restore their elasticity, it is necessary to take in water over night, and as much again in a moist rag. Only after this procedure, they will be ready to go. Bellow you can discover a little gallery that includes pictures with chestnut art.







Source:  Chestnuts Art

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