Chocolate Train – Art in the “Kitchen”

Are you familiar with culinary vision?! If you are not but you want to “learn” you had the chance to spend this week at “Gare du Midi” in Brussels where you would have had the pleasure of seeing a chocolate train. In fact, two trains. The first train resembles with such Far West “vision” and the second train looks like a new automotive BD’une. “The Miracle” of chocolate measured 34.05 m and had a “capacity” of 1260 Kg of chocolate.

We can thank Andrew Farrugia, master chocolatier in Malta who worked over 700 hours of work.

You can find this performance also in the Guinness Book for records. More fun posters that indicate that ½ is not being implemented comestible. Just care. You never know!

train choco 1

train choco 2

train choco 3

train choco 4

train choco 5

train choco 6

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