Christmas Biscuit House – DIY

As I said, I am not a big fan of baking desserts and making different kind of creams for the cakes. But instead I am a very big fan of this following recipe because it doesn’t require baking or making a cream or having a very complicated design. For this Christmas recipe you will need only the following ingredients: biscuits, frosting, some coconut for the snow and different treats to decorate: candies, jellies, colorful sugar sprinkles. You can use a cardboard to create the ground and add frosting and some coconut on top to make it seam like snow.

Start making the house sticking biscuits together with frosting and creating the house floor. You will need biscuits also “glued” together with the frosting to create the house walls. For the roof you’ll need a knife to cut two biscuits into triangles and another additional four biscuits to finish the roof or you can make the roof using two biscuits. Use frosting to cover all the remaining holes and to make sure that you won’t see the imperfections. Decorate as you desire using candies, jellies and colorful sugar sprinkles. Have a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy!!!



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