Clean Your Car Headlights Using Toothpaste – DIY

Clean your car headlights using toothpaste. Yes…..toothpaste!! I know that at first sight looks pretty stupid but it actually works! I have tried it because when I discovered this idea I didn’t believe it. So, I’ve tried it and it actually works!! You can find so many product on the market to clean your car headlights but why not try something cheap and also easy. You can use toothpaste to clean so many other things, for ex.: silver jewellery. But lets get back to our problem: foggy and grimed car headlights. A DIY idea that will help you clean the car headlights quick and easy. To start you will need: two clean and dry cloth’s and some toothpaste. Instructions: Take the toothpaste and apply it on one dry cloth. It’s good to know that toothpaste will act like an abrasive and will clean all the grime from the headlights. Start rubbing the area that needs to be clean. Try to rub using circular motions. Now all you have to do is to rinse the car headlights with water and use the second cloth to wipe the headlights. Like I said: cheap and easy! Enjoy!!!

Note: Its good to know that toothpaste acts like an abrasive. Be careful how you use it because it’s sanding off all of the haziness.



Photo Courtesy: http://tutorialgeek.blogspot.ro

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