Clean Glass Shower Doors Fast And Easy

I have tried so many glass cleaners to clean up the shower doors but no result. I even bought the most expensive one and it cleaned the hard water and soap scum from the shower doors but not the way I wanted too. I was searching for a solution and I found this: clean your glass shower doors fast and easy using vinegar. You will need the following: a spray bottle, one cup of vinegar and one cup of liquid soap that you use to wash the dishes and also a sponge. Put the vinegar into a safe cup and add it to the microwave. Let it there for approx 3 minutes. Put the warm vinegar and the liquid soap for washing dishes (you can use “Dawn” or any other brand) into the spray bottle. Mix well. Spray the magic mixture on the glass shower doors and let it sit for 5 minutes. Use the sponge to scrub. Use clean water to wipe the glass shower doors. If you still have little stains of soap on the doors just use your usual glass cleaner and a clean paper towel. And voila!!! You have clean glass shower doors. Enjoy!!!




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2 Responses to "Clean Glass Shower Doors Fast And Easy"

  1. Steven James says:

    Frameless shower doors are highly in demand these days. But you have maintained it carefully. Thanks to you Andy, I learn lots about how to clean shower door from your post. Keep updating us.

  2. Megha says:

    Amazing…loved the tip…gonna try this

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