How To Clean Your Microwave Quick And Easy

I am sure that as in my case the microwave is the most used appliances in your home: popcorn, heating food and so on. But also is the appliance from your home that gets messy right away. And because we keep the microwave door closed all the time we can not see all the nastiness and mess that is inside. What is best is that you won’t have to sit all day long rubbing all those food stains from inside. I have the perfect solution for you: plain water and vinegar. This is all that you will need to clean you microwave in less than five minutes. Use a safe bowl. Fill the bowl with water. Add a little bit of vinegar. Put the safe bowl inside the microwave and turn it on for five minutes. Doing so the water will transform to steam. All that steam from inside will soften all the stains and gunk from the microwave. Vinegar is used to absorb all the smells. You can wipe the microwave also on the outside using a kitchen towel or a cloth socked into water with vinegar. If you want an even better result, let the bowl inside the microwave for another few minutes so that the steam can “penetrate” even better. Use a kitchen towel to take out the bowl from the microwave. The water will be pretty hot. Wipe down the inside of the microwave. Wash also using soapy water the plate from the inside. After washing the plate well put it back and ta da!!! You are now the proud owner of an clean microwave. Enjoy!!!



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