Make A Coffee Table Using An Old Door

For the door collecting enthusiast, or maybe someone who likes to rummage through other’s junk, here’s a great idea!

door-coffee-table-1Measure the total length, which should be about 80 inches. Use 15 inches for the legs (making it a total of 16.5 inches tall) and 50 inches long on the top. The legs are attached to the top using 2 inch screws in holes.  For additional stability and storage, add a lower shelf out of some reclaimed walnut boards that you have around your home. Rip a scrap 2×4 in half to make a thin 2×2 cleat and screwed it into the interior of the door.


If you want to you can leave the hinges on but probably you will want to take them off after a period. You can sand the sides end edges of the walnut otherwise you will have some splinter risks. You can also paint it in which color you prefer. At the end you will have a seriously large and in charge table.


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