Cool Indoor Pet Furniture: The Loft Bed For Dogs

Each pet deserves a little private place for eating, sleeping, relaxing and playing. If you don’t want to keep your pet outside and you want it in your house, you need to set up a place in your home, where your pet can do the things mentioned above. When it comes to cats, you need to define a space for playing and sleeping, otherwise every little spot in your home will be the cats empire. When it comes to dogs, we have a perfect solution: the loft bed / bunk bed for dogs. A very practical piece of furniture where your dog can sleep, eat and play. A very compact bed that manages the space so well: the lower part of the furniture has bowls for food and water.  Stairs that takes the dog to the sleeping place. The grid of the bed which keeps the dog save (will not fall off).

These special piece of furniture does not take up much space in your home. It has the following dimensions: 135 cm width / depth of 88 cm / 80 cm in height. The staircase is 39 cm wide. The material used: solid untreated spruce. The bed is made from solid pine wood. These multifunctional piece of furniture cost 449 Euro. It seems a little bit expensive but its not surprising as the solid wood design is more expensive and also the wood is high quality. Your pet will love this for sure! Enjoy!!!



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