Create Awesome Things Using Old Jeans

When you are “tired” of your old pair of jeans don’t toss it to the trash. Because jeans come in different colors and also the material is very resistant, you can make awesome things using an old pair of jeans.

1. Denim Lunch Bag – Very easy to make: you only need the part from bellow the knee. Add a small belt that will give a cute look.


2. Skirts

Cut the legs of the jeans down. Use another type of material and make a cute little skirt for your little princess.


3. Wall Organizer From Denim Pockets

Gather some pair of jeans and cut the back pockets. Attach this pocket to a pin board “dressed” in any type of fabric and you have your wall organizer from pockets.


4. Bracelets

Cut out the side seam from a pair of jeans. Using a wire thread it in the seam. Decorate your jeans bracelet with different buttons and beads.



Other ways to use jeans.


Source: http://www.socreativethings.com/9-creative-things-to-do-with-old-jeans/

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