How to Create A Photo Frame

We all have some photo that we want to keep forever. We can make a photo frame
for it. It can make the photo look as important in the eyes of others as it is to us, or it
could be a gift! You can find bellow how to make a simple photo frame. The materials that you need are: white cardboard / black or colored, ruler, pencil, a pair of scissors, glue and decorative colored paper and cardboard. Prepare an A4 size cardboard and choose the middle. In the first half, draw with the pencil a diamond. In the second half, draw only half of the diamond meaning a triangle, and the other half remains shaped as a rectangle.


This supports the photo frame. Fold inward parts of the diamond and triangle geometric figures, and also inward bring or fold the support. Now all you have to do is to attach picture and decorate the frame as you please. You can use any decorations you have on hand.






creative photo frame using an old window




DIY picture frame

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