Create Rainbow Roses For Your Home

Create your own rainbow roses. It may not work out perfectly for the first time, but it is worth trying over and over until you have the most amazing result. You will need the following supplies: food coloring / scissors / white roses

Instructions: Cut the rose stem using a scissor in as many parts as you want. This will influence the color of the rose. Add the food coloring with water in plastic cups. If you are using a lot of food coloring the color of the rose will be much more profound. You have to place each stem part in a different color cup. This way the rose will have different colors. This process can last up to 2 weeks. That is why it is important to have a lot of patience. Enjoy your rainbow colored roses.


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7 Responses to "Create Rainbow Roses For Your Home"

  1. Margaret Crow says:

    1-2 weeks? wouldn’t the rose wilt and die before then??? hmmm???

  2. solange says:

    once the roses colored , do you put them in water ? or keep them in the coloring ?
    is there special care for them to make them last ?

    • andytm07 says:

      Once the roses are colored you can put them in a vase just like normal roses. Put an aspirin in the vase and cut every day a little bit from the bottom of the stem and your flowers will last longer. Thank you for following us

  3. leoni says:

    Hi tel me please must one keep it for full 2 weeks in food coloured water ? Wil the water not get rotten for standing so long? And is it all I need to do? Put in the coloured water and wait? And where will I get asprine? Of what exactly kan I use ?

    • andytm07 says:

      You will have to change the water with the food coloring constantly during the two weeks. Asprine is not correct: you will need aspirin. Sorry for my mistake.

  4. Paul says:

    I have had some good experience with this. The effect can be great even just coloring with two different colors to match the roses into the decor of your room. If looked after properly they will last for you. You could always start a rotation so every week there would be freshly colored roses to put out.

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