Create A Vertical Garden For Your Home

This awesome vertical garden are so amazing in more way than one: they can be made out of different materials (wood, plastic, PVC pipes, flower pots), the air around them is always fresh. This gardens are meant for small spaces like: hallways, the kitchen, balcony’s, even bathrooms. Use flowers that can resist to dark and also humidity. Vertical gardens can be mounted on different types of surfaces as: wood, concrete, metal, fences, masonry. The goal of these vertical gardens is very simple: provide space so you can grow healthy plants. Feel free to be inspired from our little photo gallery.  So, now you got an idea! Start creating a vertical garden!! Also you can learn how to  build an amazing and awesome strawberry vertical garden from PVC tubes.














Photo Credit: http://homesdir.net

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4 Responses to "Create A Vertical Garden For Your Home"

  1. LCVS NGO says:

    How could we get materials for the same.We like it and wish to follow it.

  2. LCVS NGO says:

    How could we get materials for the same.We like it and wish to follow it.

  3. Fantastic Gardener says:

    Wow the stairs-like gardening containers are awesome. I will surely try this in my garden this season. Thanks for the great idea and I hope you post some more pictures of vertical gardens. By the way, are any of these beauties from your garden by any chance? 🙂

    • andytm07 says:

      we are working on something now, unfortunately until now we didn’t had any time but now we are making so that we can create something also

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