How To Make A Decoration Cushion

Today, we are bringing to you a new project:  create a decorative cushion that you can have for a long time and also you can change the looks of it when you want to. No need to be an expert to make this and the result is amazing! You will be amazed to see how easy it is.

You will need the following materials:

– felt (material)

– scissors

– pencil

– circular template – you can use a water or wine glass

– pins

– thread and needle


First you have to make the felt circles. Take the circular template and with the help of a pencils do the circles on the felt and cut out. Take the felt disc and fold it in half, forming a ‘half moon’. Then fold it again. To make it safe in that position, stick a pin. Do this with all circles. Note that we are forming a piece like a flower. After doing this step on all disks of felt, pin them to hand in his pad. Below is the detail horizontally, but if you prefer, you can do it vertically or diagonally. Do not forget to remove the pin when preaching the flower on the pillow. Simple and quick, right?!


Source: http://www.revistaartesanato.com.br/feltro-e-eva/almofada-com-detalhes-em-feltro-para-fazer-em-casa/08

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