Delicious And Easy To Make Oreo Sunflower Cupcakes

Who doesn’t get all soft after being served with an Oreo and cupcake? Such a combination when served early in the day has the capability of brightening you day. The best thing is, you can make an Oreo sunflower cupcake! Making them is fun and easy. Besides other then the love you have for Oreo’s and cupcakes, you can also add on to them the beautiful and ever tasty simple red M & M ladybug. A fun way to decorate the cupcakes you’ve created! Below is a simple guide that will help you create a wonderful Oreo sunflower cupcake and let your family or friends enjoy your Home Baking with a twist!

You will need the following ingredients: 

– Several cupcakes

– A couple of Oreo cookies

– A pack of red M&Ms

– 400 mg of black food gel color

–  Important! A Food Safe Paint Brush

– Several leaf tips

– A bunch of grass tips

– Two piping bags

Follow the instructions:

Start by sorting out the red M&Ms. Proceed to dip the food safe paint brush in  black food coloring. Paint the lady bird starting with tiny head and proceed by drawing a line on the lady bird’s middle of the back. Start making tiny dots on either side of the line and you shall completed making you lady bug! To hold the Oreo in place pipe a little icing. Now place the Oreo on the top of the cupcake. The immediate step involves preparation of yellow icing. Keep the icing at medium consistency with a tip of the leaf. Now squeeze the leaf, pull the leaf and finally let it go. This is a process that you should repeat around the entire Oreo. After successfully placing the petals, on their top make another layer although this time the petals should be slightly smaller. Now pipe this last layer of petals on top of the already positioned Oreo. Now the final part is carefully placing the lovely ladybug on top of the flower. If you wish, you can also pipe the tips of green grass around your cupcakes to add in a separate color that will transform your Oreo sunflower cupcakes into a food marvel. Enjoy!!!








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