Delicious Pink Zebra Cake – DIY Kitchen Project

Fun art projects such as pink zebra cake are DIY Ideas that you can perfect in the comfort of your own home. Craft Ideas are becoming more and more popular due to the interesting things that you can come up with. Useful ideas are making many individuals come up with wonderful craft projects that they are using for their own pleasure or as a means of raking in an income on the side. Today we wish to break from tradition and learn how to make a Pink Zebra Cake…


  • Two and a ½ cups of flour (all purpose 300g)
  • 400grams of two cups of sugar
  • Three quarters a cup of veggie oil 180ML
  • 5ml of one teaspoon of vanilla
  • Two and a quarter teaspoons of baking powder 11ml
  • Half a teaspoon of salt
  • Four eggs
  • 240ml one cup of milk
  • Gel paste in the following colors: pink, white and black
  • Vanilla Butter cream
  • Wilton tip 1A
  • Pink Buttercream
  • Black Fondant

The white coloring is optional, only if you wish to create a nimbler batter.



  • Start by preheating the oven up to 350F/170F. Take a bowl and pour in a combination of baking powder, flour, veggie oil, sugar and vanilla.
  • Mix them on low heat till all the ingredients mix well.
  • Start pouring in eggs one by one at a time and continue mixing on low in between add-ons.
  • Gradually start adding milk, make sure the mixer is still on and continue mixing till all the ingredients combine finely.
  • Divide the batter into 3 bowls (different). One bowl should have ½ of the better and the remaining two bowls should hold quarter amount of the batter each.
  • Color the batter in the bowl holding the larger amount of batter with white coloring. The two bowls holding the smaller amounts of batter need to color with pink and black respectively.
  • Start mixing the colorings on all bowls till there is no dainty streaks remaining.
  • Take 8” pans and spray them with a non-stick spray and line the foot of the pan with wax paper/parchment or baking paper.
  • Place 4 tbsp. of white batter on the midpoint of the two pans.
  • Then directly on the center of the white batter, you can place 2 black batter tablespoons.
  • Place two more table spoons of pink batter directly on the center of the black batter.
  • Repeat the black/white/pink batter add-ons till the time when the entire lot of batter gets used or until when the pan become two thirds full.
  • Place the pans inside the oven and leave your project top cook between 35 to 40 minutes.
  • Insert a tooth pick in the center of your cake and if it comes out clean the, your project is ready.
  • Allow the project to cool inside the pan from 5 to 10 mints. Eliminate it from the pan and allow it to cool wholly on a wire rack.
  • After the cake cools down completely, you should now level, pile and finally cover it in white butter cream.
  • To cut fondant pieces, start by rolling the fondant out, roll it very thinly. You can use either a pastry or pizza rolling cutter to slice long and very narrow stripes.
  • Arrange the slices on your white cake as you desire.
  • Finish off the cake by means of the buttercream together with Wilton 1A tip, and pipe a minor beaded edge on the cake’s bottom. Your Pink Zebra Cake is now ready!!! Enjoy!!!




Photo Courtesy: Pink Zebra Cake

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