Design Your Own Home With Recycled Light Bulbs

When a light bulb burns out, we usually throw it away. However, some craftsmen with big imagination and creativity wanted to give these burned light bulbs a second chance. Do you have light bulbs that you cannot use anymore? Here are some ideas on how you can reuse them! You can put terrarium in a light bulb is a quick and easy project that brings a piece of nature on a shelf or on the dining room table.
You can also take steampunk style, a style that gives value to old and useless things.
Ships in bottles are classic, but why not take this idea one step further and create a ship in a light bulb?


The light bulbs are easy enough to be hung and used as small pots. By far the easiest way is to use useless light bulbs ads it is also one of the most amazing idea. While some are a little bit skeptical on turning a light bulb in a kerosene lamp, made ​​of something so fragile (and a curved base), you can have a beautiful design and it is also safe. It’s wonderful to transform a symbol of the electricity era in a lamp with the same purpose, but in a different way.








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  1. jon says:

    How do you get the top open?????????

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