Different Ways To Decorate A Delicious Pie

Fun art projects that are being followed now a days cover quite a huge base. Everything that is around us can be turned into practik ideas. DIY ideas are perfect for people who wish to get in touch with their creative side. Craft ideas such as decorating a delicious pie are brilliant DIY ideas that will help you use one project to bring out several different but amazing looking pies. Besides, these are craft projects to do at home without even spending a dime! Let’s learn different ways to decorate a delicious pie…


  1. You can decide to leave three quarter inch overhanging. Use a pair of scissors to clip into points, now roll angled pieces and form a cornucopias.
  2. Fold the edges under and use a key to create indentations.
  3. Even the trim pastry with edge, the remaining pastry should then go to braiding strips. Make the pastry edge moist and press on braid.
  4. Use vegetable peeler to design a folded under edge.
  5. Use fork tines to create unique design.
  6. Mold looped edge over either a round object or a pencil using pastry strips. But before you seal always make it moist.
  7. Cut pastry leaf shapes, moisten them and seal the pie’s rim.
  8. If you desire to create an inside ruffle effect, fold the pastry edge over, press your left index finger under the fold and the right finger should be pressed firmly on the portion that has been lifted next.
  9. Use the handle of a pastry brush to create an interesting design, tuck the crust under.
  10. You can choose to cut out circles to create a fish scales effect on the crust.
  11. From one crust cut out shapes and place them on yet another pie.
  12. Create a honey comb pattern by cutting out circles.
  13. Go wild and create vine and leaf arrangement. Enjoy!!!



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