DIY Aurora Juice – A Glowing Cocktail For The Holidays

I have found the perfect party drink for you. If you prepare this drink for the Christmas holidays I can assure you that it will be an huge success. You will only need four ingredients and a few minutes of your time. You will need: two liters of vodka or gin, nine liters of tonic water and three or four bottles of Roses Mojito Passion. You can also make this drink with pink lemonade but it is better to use Roses Mojito. Also, don’t forget about the ice. All you have to do is to take all the ingredients (leave the ice out until you serve the drink) and mix them very well. I suggest to mix them briefly before the Christmas party begins. Serve it with lots of ice. Let the party begin. Happy Holidays!!


Photo Credit: http://www.thecampuscompanion.com

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