DIY Baby Girl Dress From A Men’s Shirt

Do not toss away to the trash your hubby shirt if it has a little stain on it. Reuse it and make a little cute baby girl dress from it. It is a very easy DIY home project that you will finish in no time.

You will need the following materials and supplies: your hubby button down shirt, needle plus thread or if you have skills use a sewing machine, a pair of scissors, some pins, a very simple dress or a longer baby shirt so you have the “pattern” for the new dress., elastic.

Directions: Lay out on your working station the hubby shirt. Now lay on top of it the baby dress / shirt so you can cut out the pattern. So that the dress can be equal on both sides, fold the hubby shirt in two right where the shirt buttons are on the edge. Fix the simple baby shirt / dress to the hubby shirt with pins and use the pair of scissors to cut out the new pattern.  Add elastic at the neckline and also on the sleeve line. All you have to do is to hide the elastic by sewing the lateral lines, add buttons and ta da!!! Enjoy!



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  1. May says:

    This is awesome! Definitely will be bookmarking this for the future. Seems very easy and straightforward. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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