DIY Bag Using Old Jeans

Fun art projects can be created from a wide range of DIY Ideas. Craft projects such as DIY Bag Using Old Jeans are not only cost effective but a way of expressing a different form of fashion. Craft ideas have now taken the planet by storm and many people are using interesting things to make a unique product. Useful ideas lead to the realization of practik ideas that can not only make your home or person look beautiful, but can be an avenue of raking in a handsome income thanks to their creativity.

 You will need the following materials:

  • Old pair of jeans
  • A string/ribbon/piece of material (for the bag’s strap)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Sewing kit or hot glue gun
  • A tape measure

Follow the instructions:

  • Before you begin, make sure that you have washed the jean thoroughly.
  • Cut off the pant legs level where the legs begin. Do not dispose of the legs as you will need them later.
  • Try your best and cut off ½” below the bottom of the back pockets, cut also below the zipper creating a seam allowance.
  • Before you trim, make sure that you have properly lined up the waistlines both at the front and at the back to avoid cutting the jean a litter wider at the back.
  • According to the shape you wish your finished shape of the bag to look like, you can cut the jean straight across the bottom, or cut round the corners.
  • Time to create an internal divider. Carefully cut out a panel from one of the legs, use both the sides and the bottom of the cutoff jeans as a pattern.
  • Turn one edge of the panel (divider) under and use a sewing machine to stitch it down. You will have created the top of the divider.
  • The next step involves the selection of the thread color you wish to use. Please note that most blue jeans are sewn with either tan or brown thread. Use the color of thread that matches your whole bag.
  • Turn the jean inside out. Since you’ll be using the divider panel, pin it in place. Start sewing across the bottom and carefully shut the leg openings.
  • Sew up the divider panel sides and secure it into position.

Offsetting the Thick Seams:

  • Offsetting the thick seams at the center will help them not be right on top of each other.
  • Make sure you put the stitches 5/8 inches from the fabric’s edge. This length forms the seam allowance.
  • Should the fabric has tendencies of unraveling, sew zigzag stitches between the seam and the fabric’s edge on the seam allowance.


  • Turn the strap inside out and sew it closed along one side. Try your best and keep the seam as straight as you possibly can.
  • Flip the strap back and make the right side be on the exterior. Start sewing the strip in your bags’ inside, sew the straps near where the hips should have been.
  • Make sure you saw a sturdy joint at this juncture as it will be holding up all the weight carried in your bag.
  • Form either a square or crisscross stitch pattern which will hold the sides steady or they will not flop.

 Final Touches:

Put your things inside the bag to test the sturdiness of the bottom that you sew into place. Wear the bag around your home with stuff inside to test the seams. Should anything come apart, you should reinforce it and make stitches that are stronger. Your DIY Bag Using Old Jeans is complete and you can now rock it!! Enjoy!!!





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