DIY Balloon Art: Cute Chicken Using Ballons

Are you a parent with little kids that would love to do something different and unique and present it to them, totally blow their minds away and make them recognize you as the best mummy/daddy in the world? If you are this type of parent, then there are plenty of DIY ideas concentrating on fun art projects that can make you a marvel with your own family. DIY cute chicken using balloons can also melt the heart of your loved one. This DIY project is part of some of the best craft ideas that will completely melt the heart of your family and friends. Now let’s look at the best way to make this wonderful DIY idea come to life…

You will need the following materials and supplies: A Big Blue Balloon (Get the biggest size); Four Medium Yellow sized Balloons; Four Small Sized Red Balloons; A reasonable sized Yellow blot paper; A reasonable sized White blot paper; A reasonably sized Black blot paper.

 Let’s get cracking! – Start by blowing up the big blue balloon. When its blown up to the size you want, use a strong string to tie the top and leave the string hanging as it will serve yet to another purpose. Next blow up to full size the medium sized yellow balloons. When they have all been blown up tie them together and form a square with the top ends facing each other. The four balloons will act as the feet of the chicken. Using glue, apply it on the bottom surface of the big blue balloon and place the balloon on top of the four yellow balloons securing it into position. Now you will have a body and feet. Next blow up the three small sized balloons and tie their top ends together. Using the piece of string you left hanging on the top of the balloon, tie the three red little balloons on top and your chicken will have taken shape!

Remember the pieces of blot paper you had? Use a marker or a pencil to draw a beak and cut it out smoothly. Pick the beak and glue it on the spot you have marked out for the beard. Take the white piece of blot and cut out two large circles. Glue these circles onto the spot you wish the eyes to go onto. After they have dried out use the black paper to curve out the pupils of the eyes and glue them on the white paper. And you’ll have a set of eyes! Remember the fourth red small balloon? Blow it up to half a size and stick it on the bottom of the beak. Create six small circles from the while paper and use glue to stick three on either side of the chicken. After all the glue dries up, you’ll have created a cute chicken that will melt the heart of everyone who sees it!!! Enjoy!!!



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