DIY Bamboo Trellis / Lattice Girder

Create an beautiful bamboo trellis / lattice girder and decorate your garden in style with an majestic decor and also help plants “climbing”. If you want your plants to spread the vines on the trellis than you will love for sure this DIY garden project. If you are making moorings correct from the beginning you will have in no time a beautiful decoration piece to hang or put where you want. You can anchor the bamboo trellis to the wall and it will look like a picket fence.

You will need the followings: 7 bamboo 2.5 cm in diameter and 1 m long, 8 bamboo 2.5 cm diameter and 80 cm in length, an roulette, a cutter, nylon (or even thin rope).

Follow the instructions: Take the 8 pieces of bamboo with 80 cm length and place them side by side (vertical). Now place one piece of bamboo with 1 m long over (horizontally). Let a distance of 10 cm from each end. Use the roulette to measure the distance between the bamboo pieces. Use nylon or thin rope to tie the bamboo pieces together (see picture). Repeat the same with all bamboo pieces with 1 m long. This way you’ve made the lattice structure. Now measure 10 cm from the first horizontal bamboo and put another bamboo parallel to it. Tie the bamboo. Do the procedure to add the remaining bamboo’s and always interspersed lashings. Alternately cut the moorings of the first two bamboo’s to finish. Now all you have to do is to hang your bamboo trellis / lattice girder and “add” also some plants in front of it and let them “climb”. Enjoy!!!



Photo Credit: http://www.artesanatopassoapassoja.com.br/


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