DIY Barrel Coffee Table – Tips On How To Make One

Instead of buying an expensive coffee table from the store make one using barrels. It’s a pretty hard DIY project but when you are doe with it you will have in the center of your living room a creative, original and awesome barrel coffee table. The first step is to clean very well the barrel. Wash it with soapy, hot water to get rid of residue. After you have washed it well fill it with water and let it sit like this for a week. After one week take out the water and let the barrel dry. Now, you have to cut it. Saw the barrel in half on the vertical part. You have to use the half barrel that doesn’t have the distilling tap. Do not toss the other half away because you are going to need it. Make the legs of the coffee table from the discarded part. After removing the two ends cut the two half moon shapes into four pieces. Put the legs at the bottom of the half barrel so it doesn’t rock. To secure the legs to the barrel use brackets. Now you have to make the top of the table. You will need 3 wood lengths that you have in the discarded pile. Nail two of them on the bottom side of the table. Take the third part and fill with it the horizontal widths of the coffee table. Use six brackets: two to support the horizontal side and four for the lengths. Now take the glass and out it inside the hole (prepare the glass before you put it inside the barrel). To add a finishing touch you can varnish the wood in different colors. Enjoy!!




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