DIY Beads Christmas Tree

We tried making alternatives Christmas tree’s: candy tree, macaroni tree, twigs tree, ladder tree. Today, we will try making a beads Christmas tree. Is the perfect DIY project for those who have a little bit of patience. First start by “collecting” as many green beads you can find. Make sure that the beads are the same shape and size. Also, we will need white beads but no so much. Also you will need wire (0.3 inches diameter). Try to “model” the wire to look like a miniature tree with many branches. First of all decorate the crown of the Christmas tree with little green beads and two white beads in the top. Turn a little bit the wire on the end of the branch so the beads won’t fell down. Now you can make the “skirt” of the tree (around the crown). Now, twist gently the branches on the bottom so you can form the trunk of the Christmas tree. Now that your beaded Christmas tree is ready you can make the support for it out of plaster. You can also put a little candle light beside the beaded Christmas tree to give it an awesome Christmas spark. Happy Holidays!!



Photo Credit: http://krasota.uz/6777

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