DIY Beads And Ribbon Christmas Tree

When you have imagination and a little bit of creativity, you can make a little Christmas tree almost from anything: from branches, from cardboard, from Christmas decorations, from ladders. Why not make one from beads and ribbons? It is very easy to make and you won’t need a lot of supplies, only: a green ribbon (or any other color you prefer), beads in different colors and also shapes, a needle and plastic thread. Take the needle and together with the plastic thread put the ribbons and beads “together” by passing the needle and threat through them. Be sure that on the bottom the loops of the ribbon are a little more bigger than the ones from the top. Use thread to hang the little tree’s where ever you want. Ho Ho Ho! Happy Christmas!




Photo Credit: http://beafunmum.com


Photo Credit: http://brandbakery.ru/

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