DIY Beautiful Garden Stone Pathway

Yes, you have a beautiful lawn leading to your home that everybody loves thanks to the level of manicuring and watering you put into the lawn. What about the pathway? Does it still have the old gravel? Are the tiles you put in place coming lose? Why not upgrade your garden path with DIY fun art projects? Practical ideas such as DIY beautiful garden stone path that will enhance the beauty and elegance of your garden? Let’s look at these craft ideas in depth and how they are well suited to help you build a beautiful garden path.

You will need the following materials and supplies: Spirit level, Pebbles (brown, black and chocolate), Several star shaped pebbles, cement, Stone blocks (for the sides).

Follow the instructions: Knowing where you wish to set up the garden path, get a pick axe and dig the path a few inches on the ground. Clear and level the ground, leaving it even. Pick a piece of wood and draw  on the ground spiral signs. Mix sand and cement and pour it on different sections of the path and level it. Before it dries up, start arranging the pebbles starting with chocolate pebbles, brown pebbles and finally black pebbles to complete the spiral. Use the spirit level to measure the levels of the pebbles and level the ones that might be off mark/grid. Before you start laying down the pebbles, you should create the sides of the pebbles with blocks of stones that separate the pathway from the garden on either side. You can now lay the pebbles on the wet cement/sand mixture following the patterns you drew earlier. If you used grey pebbles, after they stick on the ground, you should use a sponge to wipe them clean and later on use vanish in different shades (chocolate, brown black) and colour your pathway to make it look presentable! Enjoy!!!


garden-stone-path-praktic-ideasPhoto Courtesy: www.pinterest.com


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    Wow, this is so beautiful!!!

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