DIY Up-Down Bed To Save Space

Very many home owners are looking for ways they can save on much needed space. If you live in a small apartment, you can convert the bedroom into an office and save a lot of space. This is an adjustment that makes a-lot of sense. An up and down bed is also known as a “Murphy bed” that is an ingenious option which consists of furniture which comes with a regular mattress and the look of either a cabinet or a closet that is smaller than 18” deep. With a DIY Murphy bed, it is possible to modify majority of designs that will perfectly fit your household’s décor. You can customize the bed and add special trim, create matching bookcases and you can go as far as creating in built lightning. The “Murphy bed” was a concept design of one William L. Murphy who created and patented the first Murphy bed in the 1900’s decade. Ever since the initial period his Murphy bed Co. as well as many more other bed manufacturing companies continue to produce and sell up-down beds.

 How To Build An Up Down Bed – As much as these types of beds have been with us for more than a hundred years, they are not very common and are not featured in many homes. They are not available in 99% of furniture showrooms either. It’s rather sad that many people have the assumption that installing an up-down bed necessitates cutting into a wall. The earlier versions of these bed were constructed into apartment walls and were mostly hidden with closet doors, however since the world has moved on, the current up-down beds being produced are positioned in the area and are part of the furniture. The current state-of-the-art up-down beds featured enhanced lift mechanisms that help the bed go up and slide down easily. When you want to build an up-down bed, there are 3 main requirements that you need to put into consideration. The first requirement is that you should find 4 feet of open wall area if you want to put up a twin bed. Should you want to put up a bigger bed you will need to find more space. The second requirement is finding 7 feet of free area that comes with furniture that can be moved easily in-front of the bed allowing it the bed to open up with ease. The third requirement is finding enough room in the attic and lift like mechanism that will help you lower the bed when its time to sleep and lift the bed upwards till its base touches the ceiling floor creating leaving no traces that you have an up and down bed. The lift mechanism is sold in two types; piston and spring. However the two different systems apply the same principle as they create the necessary force that sees the bed lifted up into the bolted position. Physics is applied during the lift mechanism installation, its force is perfectly balanced allowing the bed setting and mattress weight is enough and can perfectly hold the bedstead down when it’s been lowered to the floor. The bed frame embraces the mattress. Since it is necessary that the bed frame should fit perfectly into the cabinet the mattress in most instances shouldn’t be more than 12 inches thick. Fortunately with an up-down bed, a DIY construction is possible and you can access materials and products necessary to build the bed at a price of $500 and below.



Photo Courtesy: http://museum.loftbeds.net/



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