DIY Bench Around A Tree

Don’t you love those summer days when you are relaxing in your back yard or on your patio together with your family.?! I know I do! Wouldn’t be great to build also a stay/cool spot for you and your family around your beautiful family tree, a place where you can relax just by reading a book in those beautiful summer afternoons. You can create a spot like that with this awesome DIY project: build a bench around a tree. The design of the bench is simple to make having an hexagonal “shape” and also it is much easier to build then a circular bench. Also, what is best about this hexagonal bench is that you will have from all sides equal sitting comfort being symmetrical. All you have to do is to make this bench by sections with leg’s because you will want to avoid the roots of the tree. In the end all you will have to do is to assembly the sections around the tree and your beautiful family bench will be finished. To start making your family bench head over to “Ron Hazelton” blog and discover all materials and also all the instructions. Enjoy!!!


Click this link for all details…..


Ron Hazelton – How To Build A Bench Around A Tree




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