DIY Bird Bath Using Flower Pots

If you are a bird lover and have thought about the idea of having birds lurk around your home and not live around it, you can always invite them over. How you ask? By simply following the simple but sophisticated DIY home idea I am bringing to you today.  If you have space in the front of your home or you have space in the back yard and would like to create a spectacular piece art combining it with nature why not use clever craft ideas and transform a stack of flower pots into a wonderful DIY bird bath, that will attract birds to come and take a dip and give you the satisfaction of nature in your own home! Here is how you can come up with a crafty DIY bird bath…

 Materials – You can pick between three to four flower pots that are of a variety of sizes, from your kitchen pick one large saucer that you do not use or use a flower pot saucer. Go to the store and grab some extremely strong adhesive. If you are up to the task you can use some “Valspar” spray paint in a wide range of colours and paint your pots in some fancy and attractive colours. Pick yet another small saucer that you’ll be using to hold bird seeds.

 How to Make A DIY Bird Bath – Start by painting every pot and the two saucers in a variety of colours. Bright colours always do the trick… Just like ordinary paint work, always let the first coat dry off before adding another coat of paint. Leave your pots to dry. After the flower pots dry off completely you can now stack them. To help them hold in place, you should go ahead and apply a little glue to hold in place. Now use a strong and clean brush and apply a good adhesive coat on the top pot and use it to hold the big saucer. As the glue holding together the pot and the saucer dries off, you can now add a smaller saucer on the structure by applying glue on its bottom and stick it on one top side of the saucer. Leave your crafty project to dry overnight and in the morning you can add/pour water into the large saucer and add bird seeds on the smaller saucer. Now wait for birds to discover their new heaven and enjoy spectacular views of them flying in and diving in the water, snacking on seeds and having a jolly good time! Enjoy!!!



Bird bath's using flower pots ...Photo Courtesy: https://www.pinterest.com




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