DIY Blueberry Striped Cake – Tips On How To Make One

There are plenty of DIY fun art projects that you can carry out using cake. DIY ideas such as a DIY blueberry stripped cake are perfect for breaking out of the norm and coming up with a unique cake that will make you a happy baker and a even happier consumer! Practical ideas combined with wonderful craft ideas are best explored in the kitchen and using pastry, since everybody loves pastry! Let’s make a DIY blueberry stripped cake!

 To make a DIY Blueberry stripped cake, you need to do the following:

  • Start by baking sponges that will be used for a round chocolate cake as well as jam rolls.
  • After the chocolate sponge is ready and has cooled down, divide it in half and proceed to add on it a layer of white frosting.
  • Carefully cut stripes of the white sponge that will be transformed into rolls.
  • Now apply blueberry or any other fruit jam that you love (jams with dark colours work best).
  • Now you can start rolling the cake in a manner in which you get the entire chocolate sponger covered properly.
  • After you are done with the rolling bit, its time you applied frosting on top of the cake as well as on the remaining half part of the chocolate sponge.
  • Now you can use cream frosting to decorate the cake and pour a bit of blueberry jam in the middle.
  • Now the favorite part, when you cut the cake you end up with beautiful and elegant stripes, making your cake a DIY blueberry stripped cake!

    10153021_588803271215532_682650022_nPhoto Courtesy + More Details here: Blueberry Striped Cake

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