DIY Bunny Candy Pouch

Do you want a fun and also simple DIY Easter project that you can make with the help of your kids? If yes, then this is the perfect DIY idea for you: DIY bunny candy pouch. What is best about this DIY craft project is that you won’t have to use it only on Easter holiday you can use it all year long. Also, what is great about this project is that you can store different treats and delicious snacks in these candy pouch’s. Make cute little felt bunny bags, add lots of delicious treats and toys in them and prepare yourself and also your kids for the big Easter hunt. You can use them also as little Easter gifts for your family and friends by placing them on the plates for the Easter dinner. Now all you have to do is to head over to “Mer Mag” blog and discover all the supplies needed and also the templates and step by step instructions so that you can make this creative and fun DIY idea. Enjoy!!!


Click this link for all details…..


Mer Mag – Easy Bunny Candy Pouch







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