DIY Butterfly Shaped Garden Stepping Stones

Are you a handy person who loves the idea of doing DIY projects to enhance the look in your home? If you are, there are DIY Ideas that you can result to and create fun at projects to do at home and improve your livelihood and the look in your home and property. For instance, DIY Butterfly Shaped Garden Stepping Stones are wonderful craft ideas that you can try a hand on. Let’s create these beautiful stepping stones and see how wonderful they will look on your beautiful garden path way…

 Materials – cement, bucket trowel, glass beads, plastic food containers in the block size that you desire, cooking spray, ceramic pieces that you will decorate your butterfly with, broken pieces of plates.

 Procedure – Start by placing the dry cement mixture in a bucket. Now pour enough water (enough amounts) so that when you start mixing the mixture will reach a consistent brownie batter. Spray the plastic food container using non-stick cooking spray. This is a process that will aid the block by popping out immediately it dries up. Again pour cement into the plastic container till when the level reaches the top and at the precise point where it levels off with the trowel. Next is the part where all the fun begins. Create the butterfly designs by using ceramic pieces, broken plates and if you have pieces of broken cups with glass beads. Allow the beautifully butterfly decorated blocks to dry for three days in a row. You can now pop out and place the beautiful blocks in your landscape. If you wish to create stones or remake the garden signs, buy special plastic forms and follow the guidelines mentioned above. Enjoy!!!

butterfly-stepping-stones-praktic-ideasPhoto Credit: www.pinterest.com


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  1. Brittany Ashton says:

    I love these butterflies. I am going to try these with broken dishes and mirrors I have picked up from garage sale free boxes. Thanks for the idea! Love your blog:)

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