DIY “Cabbage Patch Kid Crochet Wigs”

“Cabbage Patch Kids” started life as a line of dolls that were the ideal design of Xavier Roberts an Art Student back in 1978. The “Cabbage Patch Kid” was originally named “Little People”. As they began life, “Cabbage Patch Kid” dolls were all made out of cloth and they were sold in local craft shows and much later featured at “Baby Land General Hospital” located in Cleveland, Georgia. It goes without saying that this brand of dolls went on to become among the most coveted toys during the 1980’s decade and it is among the long run doll franchises in America. The dolls were such a huge success that many people resulted to DIY projects to make their babies look like the Cabbage Patch Kid Doll!

DIY Cabbage Patch Kid

It goes without saying that children have arguably the cutest hair and hairstyles. That said, many people have found ways that they can maximize the look of an adorable looking kid and pairing him or her with a cuter handmade hat! This turns the baby from beautiful looking to drop dead gorgeous! Enter the DIY cabbage patch croquet wigs. This beautiful hat is decorated with pig tails tied with big pink but removable bows. This hat will make even the most innocent and shy little girl into a superstar worthy of a front page cover! The most beautiful thing is, you can crochet a Cabbage Patch kid hat right from home and get the accurate size for your baby! To make this happen, kindly have the following materials with you and follow the below mentioned simple instructions:

Materials: Yarn, A pair of scissors, 6 millimeter crochets hooks, Ribbons and a bunch of safety pins.

Instructions: The first step to take a basic beanbag and using it as the base of the cabbage patch croquet hat you want to make. Next make the bangs by using loop stitch that will form three rows on the bean bags bottom. At this point you hat will have already taken form. The next step is the pigtails section. Cut 16” long yarn pieces. Every braid will require 9 pieces in total. Half-fold the yarn pieces and tie a scouts knot at the center. Now divide the yarn into three. Begin the braiding process by using small pieces of yarn for purposes of tying the braid bottom. Now do the same thing for every braid. Now finish the final touches of the project by sawing the braids to the beanie. Be very careful as you saw to ensure that the pieces of braids are positioned evenly. Finally, add a ribbon bow on top of every pigtail and you will have made a gorgeous Cabbage Patch Kid hat for your young one!  You can also purchase this Cabbage Patch Kid Crochet Wigs from Etsy.com




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