DIY Carpet Cleaner

I hate carpet stains!! Stains that are made by your kids, your pets or family, stains that are made even by you!! But do not worry anymore! I have the perfect cure for carpet stains: an “magic” homemade mixture that will remove all those organic stains (made by dirt, food) from your carpet. What is very important to know is that you can not use this DIY carpet cleaner on dye or ink stains because I can assure that instead of removing them it will only make the stains worse.

To prepare the “magic” stain cleaner you will need:

– a spray bottle

– two parts water

– one part vinegar

– an iron


Mix the water with the vinegar in the spray bottle. Spray the mixture over the organic stains and cover them with a towel or a cloth. Take your iron and set it on steam and iron the towel / cloth for approx 35 seconds or more depending on how bad the stains is. If  you have a dirt or food stains that is much darker than the other stains you have to repeat the procedure. What is best in using vinegar in this stain cleaner is that the vinegar eliminates also odor. Enjoy!!!



Photo Courtesy: http://www.diyncrafts.com

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