DIY Cat Tent Using An Old T-Shirt

A pet is a member of the family. We love them and respect them like on of our own. We buy for them food, accessories and take care of them like they are our flesh and bone. And to make something special for them we have this awesome idea: DIY cat tent using an old T-Shirt. So, gather your materials ad supplies and lets get to work.

You will need the followings:

– T-Shirt

– cushion

– iron wire

– 2 hangers

– cardboard



Take the 2 hangers and straighten them. Using the iron wire fixate the hangers in the middle of the cushion. Make sure that you fixate the hangers curvature very well so that the little pet will have enough room. Add a piece of cardboard under the cushion to give stability to the tent. Now all you have to do is to add the T-Shirt and your pet tent is all done. Also, make sure that you secure the ends of the hangers (seal them so that your little bundle of joy is safe. Enjoy!!!



Photo Credit: http://www.meow-cat.com/


Photo Credit: http://www.handimania.com

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