DIY Chandelier Using Kitchen Utensils

Yes! The world hasn’t gone upside down when you went to sleep, but we have  discovered a fantastic kitchen spatula DIY idea that is not only creative but presents you with a cool platform to conduct an interesting lighting project that gives some nice effects to your lightning. The most interesting part of undertaking chandelier DIY fun projects focuses on the colours you can include in the mix to bring variance and vibrancy to your lighting. If you are pleased by this DIY fun idea, you can put the lights anywhere you want and let the light contribute too as part of the fun.

Materials and supplies: Start by looking for different coloured spatulas. Select 20 different coloured spatulas (you will need an approximately ten spatulas for one source of light). The first lot of ten you pick should have a mixture of colour green and colour blue (five of each). For the second lot pick another ten spatulas with a mixture of colour purple and colour fuchsia.

Follow the instructions: Use adhesive glue to stick the spatula on the top side of the bulb holder. To pull out authentic colour, mix the green and the blue together and for every green spatula you stick, stick a blue spatula next. Do the same for the second pair of spatula lighting, stick one purple spatula followed by the fuchsia spatula until the whole bulb is surrounded by the spatula chandelier. Now all you have to do is to screw the light bulb into place and your DIY chandelier using kitchen spatulas will be finished. To keep everything save use save light bulbs. Enjoy!!!



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Photo Courtesy: http://diyideas4home.com

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