DIY Chocolate Basket

Are you looking to spice up things in your kitchen and also at your home? There are plenty of fun DIY art projects to do at home. A DIY chocolate basket is one fantastic idea you can give a go! Imagine a basket made purely out of chocolate to hold your pieces of chocolate, fruits, candy, pretzel sticks or any other treats that you want to place in the basket. Yes, a DIY chocolate basket is a practical ideas that will make everyone in the house go wow! Besides, this DIY ideas is a fun and very easy way to mess around with chocolate and let the little kid inside you come out and have loads of fun.

You will need the following ingredients: gourmet compound chocolate, moulding and “Bada Bing Bada Boom” candy, the bottom side of a glass or china made bowl, heavy weight dipping sheets.

Follow the instructions: Start by melting the chocolate by strictly following the instructions given on the package. Please use either a double boiler insert or a double boiler. However be very cautious and do not let the water touch the bottom side of the boiler. You should only allow the water to simmer. NEVER allow the water to reach its boiling point as it will end up burning the chocolate. If you wish to make a chocolate basket that resembles to flower petals you should hold the bowl at a certain angle in the chocolate, pull it out and dip in the opposite angle into the melted chocolate again. Repeat this action two to four times and slowly swirl the bowl around to create a coat that is even. Allow the chocolate to cool off and solidify on the bottom of the bowl. Keep the chocolate basket cool until when you plan on using it! Enjoy!!!



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