DIY Chocolate Bowl

Now this is what I call a delicious DIY chocolate recipe with a spectacular results. And the most important and also magic ingredients are: chocolate and balloons! You will need the following ingredients and supplies: 200 g white chocolate, 200 g dark chocolate, medium size bowl, baking sheet, a knife and paper tape or duct tape. Follow the instructions: Take the white and dark chocolate and melt them in two different safe bowl in the microwave or over hot water. Allow the chocolate to cool at room temperature. Take one balloon and inflate it. Place the inflated balloon in a empty medium size bowl with the knotted part down and fasten with paper tape. Take both dark and white chocolate and pour about a third part from the dark chocolate on the balloon then white chocolate. Put it in the refrigerator or in a cool place until the chocolate hardens. Continue to apply layers of chocolate, leaving time to cool between applications. When the chocolate is placed and hardened remove the tape and bowl. Pop the balloon using the knife and remove it easily. Fill the chocolate bowl with strawberries or any other small fruits that you love. Enjoy!!!



Photo Courtesy: http://ilovedesignuk.blogspot.ro/

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