DIY Chocolate Snowman Spoons For The Holidays

Getting ready for the holidays? Overwhelmed with trying to come up with ideas for a special treat for your friends and family? Forget about having to spend a lot of money to bring smiles to those faces. Using simple tools and ingredients, you can create a simple DIY gift that will warm the heart of any gift receiver. Ingredients you’re going to need: chocolate (you can use semi-sweet baker’s chocolate), plastic spoons, mini marshmallows, a microwave-safe bowl, food-writer pens. Place the chocolate into your microwave-safe bowl. Depending on how many spoons you’re going to make, you can remove or add as much as you need. Heat the chocolate in twenty-second increments, stirring between each break with a separate spoon in order to soften up the chocolate. Keep reheating the chocolate until it is all completely melted and smooth. Once the chocolate is melted, dip each of the spoons into the chocolate and hold it horizontal. It may take some time for the chocolate to harden, but you don’t want to put the spoon down. This can create an uneven texture of chocolate and the majority of it will run off your spoon onto the counter tops. While the chocolate is still hot, place three mini marshmallows in the middle of the spoon, on top of the chocolate. You want it to resemble a snowman. Allow the chocolate to harden so that the mini marshmallows are held in place. Once hardened, use your food-writer pens to draw faces and buttons on your marshmallows so that it resembles a snowman. You can even let your kids help so that they can put their creative juices to the test in making their snowmen different from each other. Wrap the spoon in a clear cellophane bag, tie the opening with a simple ribbon, and you have a perfect chocolate snowman spoon. These gift ideas are perfect during the winter season, when everyone is eager for a cup of hot chocolate. They can add some extra chocolate to their drink, and even have some marshmallows floating around for a sweeter kick. These DIY spoons are adaptable for any holiday idea, and you can use different flavors of chocolate for an even better, more delicious surprise.


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