DIY Christmas Cookies

Everyone loves Christmas Cookies: big, small, rain deer, snowmen, Christmas trees, gingerbread house. But how many Christmas cookies recipes exist in this world?! I think that we won’t ever find the right number. The most important ingredient when you are making Christmas cookies is your imagination. You can decorate the little cookies with: little trees, candy cane, colorful ribbons, rain deer, Santa and anything else that comes to your mind and reminds you that is the Holiday’s Season. You can make these decorations using colorful fondant or any other “supplies” that are edible and look good, too. So feel free to be inspired from our little small “cookie gallery”. Also, you can make dough using your classic cookie dough or you can find a dough recipe here:

My Easy Recipes – Shortbread Recipe 



Photo Credit: http://www.sweetsugarbelle.com


Photo Credit: http://www.myeasyrecipes.net




Photo Credit: http://littlenummies.net/


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