DIY Christmas Glass Centerpieces

Put your creativity to work and make original and unique table centerpieces just by using a few materials and supplies. Make your Christmas table look amazing with this awesome DIY idea: glass centerpieces using wine glasses or simple glasses. You have two options: a Christmas centerpiece using wine glasses or Christmas centerpieces using plain glasses. For the first option first of all you have to turn the wine glass upside down. You will have a new candle holder in the glass “leg”. Under the cup you can put mistletoe or mistletoe with cute ribbons or marbles. For the second option choose what ever shape of the glass you like and fill it with water. Put mistletoe inside and floating candles and your done. You can use here also different other decorations like: marbles, pebbles, colored flowers. Enjoy!!!





Photo Credit: http://rudolphday.blogspot.ro

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