DIY Christmas Ornaments Using Wire and Colorful Beads

If you want new, original and unique Christmas tree decorations this year but you don’t want to spend some money on them (or you don’t have the money) here is an awesome DIY idea for you: make Christmas tree ornaments using wire and colorful beads. As you figured it out you will need: some colorful glass beads, balloons, floral wire (before you start you can paint it in which color you prefer). Start by stringing two and a half feet of colorful beads on the wire. Take one balloon and blow it up to the size you want (this will be the size of the tree ornament). Take the floral wire and start wrapping it on the balloon moving also the beads on the wire placing the beads as you go. When you get to the top twist the floral wire and start wrapping in another direction. Make sure that the wire is not wrapped to tight on the balloon. When you have all the beads on the balloon leave three feet plus and cut the wire. Don’t stop!! Keep going with the wrapping of the wire on the balloon. Make a loop on the top (this will be the hooking pin). You can also tie a colored ribbon on the top and use it to hang the ornament in the tree. Just pop the balloon and ta da!! You can also make star or tree shaped ornaments. You only have to make the shape using the floral wire and start adding the beads on the wires (see photo bellow). Happy Christmas!



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