DIY Christmas Snowman Wine Glass Candle Holders

You will love these Christmas snowman wine glass candle holder. You can make them in different size and shapes. And what is best is that you can decorate them using non toxic acrylic paint and make different Christmas characters. You will need the following materials to get starting: different shapes and sizes of wine classes, paint brushes, tea lights and different colors of non-toxic acrylic paint. First wash your wine glasses with soap and water. Let them dry. Start painting! Put your imagination to work and paint the snowman with different colors. Don’t forget that you have to flip the wine glasses upside down to transform them into candle holders. You can make also Santa Clause, rain deer’s or Christmas tree’s. Let your imagination run wild. Let the paint dry. You can also use a paint sealer (use the directions on the seal packaging). Now all you have to do is to turn the wine glasses upside down and place the tea light on top and ta da! Merry Christmas!



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One Response to "DIY Christmas Snowman Wine Glass Candle Holders"

  1. Pamela Spencer says:

    Can you send stencils to go by for the upside down snowmen wine glasses and the snowman, reindeer,, etc for other stencils for glass craft. Having a hard time finding them.
    Thanking you in Advance
    Pamela J. Spencer
    God Bless you and the work you do and show us and help us along the way. This is very important to me and my life due to stress related illnesses.

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