DIY Christmas Tree Decoration Made From Buttons

If you want your Christmas tree to be one of a kind than you really need to do this next DIY project. I know that people say buttons are expensive but I am sure that if you look around your home you will find enough buttons to get you started with this project. You will need the following supplies: Styrofoam ball /¬†hooked pins or ribbons / pins / lots and lots of colored buttons. First of all paint the Styrofoam ball in which color you prefer because you will have empty spots between the buttons. and if the ball is white and the buttons colored it won’t look that good. Use as many colored buttons as you have and find to make the tree ornament look amazing and one of a kind. Take the pins and place each one of them through the holes of the buttons. Attache the hook pin on the Styrofoam ball and tie also a colored ribbon to it. This way you can attache the ornament into the Christmas tree. And you are done!!! Now just admire your new and unique Christmas tree decoration. Happy Christmas!


Christmas ornament with buttons

Photo Credit: www.diy-enthusiasts.com

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