DIY Christmas Wreath Using Toilet Paper Rolls

Why toss away the toilet paper rolls when you can make so many awesome projects using them. I know, you are thinking another toilet paper roll idea!?! Yes, another one. Well…. believe me, its different from the others. Gather as many toilet paper rolls as you can. Use greed acrylic paint and paint them. You can use any other color but I thought that green is perfect for this idea. Using a scissor start to cut the toilet paper roll in four strips. These are going to be the petals of the flowers. Each flower should have 5 petals. You can glue the petals together using a glue gun. Make as many 5 petal flowers as you can. Paint also the inside of the petals in green. Divide the flowers amount in two parts. With the first part create a wreath just by gluing the flowers together. With the second part of flowers create another wreath which is going to be a little bi smaller and also placed on top of the firs one. Glue the two wreath’s together using a glue gun. Use little red beads or flowers to decorate your wreath. Attach them to the wreath using glue. You can use a green ribbon to hang the wreath on the wall or door. Just be careful not to place it outside in the rain or snow. Happy crafting!!  Also you can learn to make unusual Christmas decoration from Toilet Paper Rolls




Photo Source: http://kiflieslevendula.blogspot.com.br/2011/10/papirguriga-koszoru.html

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